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Every GREAT Coach has tools and resources that he or she uses to help clients achieve their MAXIMUM Potential. My FIRST tool begins with prayer, praise, worship and scripture.  Secondly, I offer a number of resources that will help you create a better book project if you are an author or aspiring author; or if you are an artist I have an entire platform dedicated to your success by sharing your music with the world across multiple radio stations and television and if you are an entrepreneur this same platform is dedicated to you to share your business, products and services with the world.

YOU need an advocate who believes in you as much as you believe in yourself – a coach who has gone through the challenges and overcome them.  You NEED a coach who will not give up on you, throw in the towel or drop your project.  I invite you to connect with me.  Your divine purpose is my passion.


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Angel B Inspired Inc Coaching 2

Are you ready to get started with the Book Marketing with Angel B. Coaching Program.  Learn to write, publish and market your book with a coach that cares about you and your vision as much as you do.

This course takes you from start to finish; inside the curriculum you will find video, audio, one on one mentoring, how to develop an action plan and so much more.  This is NOT an ordinary quick step process to writing your book.

Book Marketing 101 with Angel B. will help you define your market, your niche and hone your writing skills while also helping you to create a book project that will touch lives around the world.

Using the strategies I have gained through marketing for myself and other clients, I will teach you how to effectively market, publish and gain exposure for your book.  We have helped numerous authors become BEST SELLERS over the past few years through this dynamic platform and we will help you toward that goal as well.

Some of our topics include:

  •       Getting started
  •       Who is your target audience or ideal reader?
  •       Find your niche
  •       Cost/benefit analysis
  •       Where can I market?
  •       How to handle writing blocks
  •       Selecting a book cover
  •       Marketing images

Packages and Pricing

Just $129 per month Introductory Rate – Standard Class 6 Months – Commitment Required

This course curriculum includes my Book Marketing manual and other materials to help you become a successful author. You also have the benefit of meeting and networking with other authors who are JUST like you.  This class is for those who need a slower pace and require more time to complete the program.

  • Includes Initial 2 Hour Intensive
  • One phone call per month with Angel B.
  • Curriculum materials
  • Access to online training and private Facebook coaching community

Fast Track Author Coaching Program – 10 Weeks Course $999 – Minimum 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required. Balance must be paid before the class ends. 

  • Includes all of the above with a commitment of 5 hours per week which includes required and two calls per month.

And so much more!!!!!! This informative and in depth six month curriculum is worth the investment.

So are you ready to get started?  I am here to help you.  My team and I are ready to help you take your author and book platform to another level.

Author Coaching Program


Monthly Author Coaching

Minimum Six Months - $179 Per Month



Email angelbinspired@gmail.com to apply and schedule your consultation today.


REGISTER TODAY for one of our upcoming virtual or in person writing workshops, Summer Camps. We teach Literacy, grammar skills, effective communication and more for youth and adults. Jump start or enhance your writing career with us.  Ask about our family or group pricing.

YES I want to participate in the FALL / WINTER WRITING CAMP (individual)

YES I want my child to participate in the YOUTH WINTER CAMP (children and youth ages 8 – 17)

YES we want the WINTER WRITING CAMP FAMILY SPECIAL (2 to 5 people)



Teaching Conference

We want to help you achieve your dream of not only becoming an author but becoming a GREAT author.  For more information complete the contact form below:

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