I highly recommend this book for any Christian Woman, or a Woman who is curious to know more about the Lord, and who is ready to get past her own problems and start making better choices for herself and her family.
~Donna Marie Johnson, Founder of The GGene S.I.S. Journal


There is so much to say about this book. The transparency of Angel Barrino is refreshing. Angel takes you on a journey through her life and circumstances that led her to the “ah-ha” moment when we truly know the why and where God is taking us. You will not want to put this book down. ~ Minister Jeffrey Moore, The Praise Network Global, Praise Orlando Media


After reading this book twice, I still want to read it again!
Ms. Barrino connects with her audience in a way that provides the ultimate transparency. From a woman to all women, this book is packed with scriptures to justify your relationship with God, yourself and your future or current mate. It is for those who are single, dating or married. It has an honest way to aligning your thoughts with the way God designed relationships to be. Well done, Ms. Barrino!! ~ Rhonda Nails, The Success Instigator


The transparency displayed in this book is truly amazing. I found this part fascinating “Being that our purpose is God given we must go to Him in order to get knowledge and understanding of this purpose. It’s called the will of God for our lives. He not only gives us the understanding of our purpose but He also gives us the “how to” concerning our purpose” Wow. What a mouthful. Seek God first and everything else will fall in line. Trust Him at all times. Even when you don’t understand, do your best to do so. I can’t stop reading it. ~ Amazon Reader


Though sharing her story could not have been easy, Ms. Barrino has done so with such grace. Reading her story forces you to evaluate your own relationships, romantic or otherwise. I admire her for her courage and transparency. This book is simply a blessing. ~ Sabrina Jones, Author and Certified Coach


Insightful, honest and uncompromisingly transparent. A must read!!! ~ Minister Bobby  Patterson, Entrepreneur & Coach



This is a life changing book for readers who have had setbacks and seasons of adversities. I find this book to be a healthy guide to recovery and empowerment.

~ Minister Ronald Zion Roseboro, Author, Empowerment Specialist, Entrepreneur