Angel Miller Barrino is an exemplary leader; one who rolls up her sleeves and works right alongside the team she is in charge of. I enjoy working with her, because I know that she isn’t just going to throw something over the wall and walk away. She gives detailed instructions, sets well-defined expectations, and provides timely and constructive feedback. I look forward to working together on projects we have coming in the near future. ~ Desiree Harris-Bonner, Indie Publisher, Ghostwriter, Author



Angel is a true visionary. She has a love for people and ministry. Her words encourage and enlighten. Her future is bright and I am expecting greatness from her, as always! I had the opportunity to have her as a guest speaker for my organization of over 1700 women. Her message was powerful. Keep moving forward and keep God first! ~ Jacqueline King, PhD


Angel Miller-Barrino was fantastic to work with. Forward thinking Visionary. Well educated, loyal and intelligent. She is a great asset to any company.  Angel is a detail-oriented owner who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. – Tracey Williams, President