TESTIFY: The Praise Literary Collection (3 Part Series)

TESTIFY: Miracles  Released December 2015

TESTIFY: Unmerited Favor & Divine Provision Released December 2016

TESTIFY: Worship The Alabaster Box Experience Scheduled for Release Late Fall 2017

Thank you for helping Testify Books One and Two to become a BEST SELLERS TWICE…

You can help us celebrate by ordering copies of these dynamic and inspirational books. These collaborations are authentic and prophetic encouragement to those who need hope and healing.  Each author has transparently shared his/her experience in a unique and definitive way so that YOU, the reader will be enlightened, inspired and encouraged to move forward in divine purpose. Your purchase not only supports each author but it supports community advocacy initiatives of Angel B. Inspired Inc. We thank you in advance.  See below for pricing and ordering information.

Facebook Cover

Testify 3Book Mockup-New Launch All 3


Testify Praise Literary Best Seller Emblem

To order autographed copies of Unmerited Favor and TESTIFY Miracles send $16.99 (includes shipping/handling) to http://www.paypal.me/TestifyPraise.

To schedule book signings or speaking engagements, complete the form below:



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