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Rehoboth Restored International, formerly Purpose and Praise Ministries, is a ministry based on forgiveness, restoration, reconciliation, and wholeness. We seek to build people and help them become restored in all aspects of life. The ministry particularly addresses the needs of women and teen girls, however, we are not limited and we assist families, couples, singles as well.

Founded in 2009 by, Lady Angel M. Barrino (Angel Ranette Miller) the ministry began as she sought refuge for her own damaged soul and a broken heart.  Now an ordained minister of the gospel, Christian Counselor, life coach, international best selling author, and inspirational speaker, Prophetess Angel shares this message of hope and healing to all who are willing to receive it. Through many trials, challenges, mistakes, forgiveness, and repentance of sins, Minister Miller has overcome and she has been restored. She has a heart and passion for people. She wants to see marriages and relationships healed and restored; daily she prays for the restoration of the Most High’s people.

Our weekly Bible Study Fellowship will commence in February 2019.  Until then, you can contact us with any questions you may have or to receive study notes from previous Bible Studies, please call our office at the number listed below.

Please visit her pages online at His Purpose My Praise or Angel Ranette.

We are affiliated with the ministry covering of The Gathering At Yeshiva Worship in Wake Forest, NC under the leadership and vision of  Apostle/Dr. Janet Newell.

For prayer or concerns please contact us at 704 978-8679 or email:

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