Organized Obstacles was created by myself and Rhonda Nails. We collaborated to bring the world a dynamic collection of stories written by ordinary individuals from all walks of life; people who turned their stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  These stories reflect tenacity, resilience, overcoming and positive influence in the lives of others.

Organized Obstacles is NOT just another inspirational book; it is an instructional manual for overcoming life’s challenges and becoming victorious. It is the tool for resiliency and we present the “underdogs” to you.  Download your copy from Kindle at Kindle Book or visit our main site for Autographed Copies.

This book is MUST read for every individual who has ever felt like throwing in the towel.

sally shipment


Check out what some of our readers have said:

“. . . from cover to cover it is an inspiring work that can only motivate you to keep pushing.”

“It’s an infectious read which is hard to put down once you begin.”

“This is a work of pure inspiration I encourage anyone to pick up this gem of righteous motivation.”


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