“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” ~ Bernard Baruch, American financier, philanthropist & political consultant

Angel Ranette Miller, (formerly Angel Barrino) is a lover of God and people. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur who began her journey as a young girl selling Girl Scout cookies, candy bars, and other items. She believes in and breathes entrepreneurship. She is an avid writer, psalmist, Praise and Worship leader, and speaker using her gifts to inspire others on a daily basis. She is the founder and former President of The Praise Network Greensboro, a full media broadcasting site which encompasses radio and television. She is the author of several books including the International Best Selling book His Purpose My Praise released in September 2010.  Her most recent work, Testify: Alabaster Box was released August 2018 and became #1 Best Seller on Amazon (Christian Women’s) and her fiction short story, Divine Twist of Fate, was published in The Jots & Tittles of Scribes and StoryTellers in January 2018.

She has contributed to several other publications, books and is a former host for Relationship Tuesday on Help4Men Radio based out of Atlanta, GA.  She is quite passionate about the success of intimate, family and other personal or business relationships and shares her thoughts daily via her social media platforms.  Her goal is to spend some time writing on social issues, mental health and some “how to” projects in the near future.  

In 2010 she was diagnosed with Lupus, Chronic Pain Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia which led her to become a health and wellness coach through Herbalife International. Now she combines mental health recovery solutions, as a Certified WRAP Facilitator, Certified Peer Support Specialist and Substance Abuse Counselor, to teach wellness on a broader spectrum.

Angel wears numerous hats; however her primary focus is ministry, wellness recovery, and mental health; however, she periodically works as a life, relationship, leadership/business, & author coach. Additionally, she functions as a consultant and strategist as well, providing marketing support to entrepreneurs and authors on a part-time basis as needed.  As a Christian Counselor and ordained minister & visionary of Rehoboth Restored International Ministries she teaches women and assists them in walking out their divine purpose. Angel completed her Bachelors in Christian Education, Masters in Christian Counseling and her Associate’s in Ministry from Rehoboth International Bible College where she is also a candidate for an honorary Doctorate in Sacred Literature and working towards her Ph.D. in Christian Counseling.  She plans to complete her studies in Human Services or Education in the near future. 

Through her company, Angel B. Inspired Inc. she inspires individuals to pursue health, healing, and wholeness in all aspects of their lives. Through faith-based, inspirational coaching she provides tools and courses for authors, individuals, and entrepreneurs by helping them develop skills and their God given talents. Additional services include adult education courses, grant writing courses, leadership development, training, youth educational interventions, interpersonal communication and development and social skills.

Angel is a willing vessel and has served in several non-profit organizations both as a board member and volunteer.  She is the Praise and Worship Leader for Yeshiva Worship International Worldspan, the women’s ministry leader, a staff minister, and assistant to Yeshiva’s visionary, Apostle Janet L. Newell. 

Angel plans to resume her weekly bible study for women through her ministry and fellowship in 2019. Her heart and passion to help women become restored, educated and empowered are exemplified in everything she does.  For more details or information on how to become a member of this fellowship please email rehobothrestoredintl@gmail.com or call (704) 978-8679. 

angel new 2

Her message:  Your divine purpose is my passion.

Find her at Angel Ranette or follow her book page @ His Purpose My Praise.

Twitter/Instagram: @angelbinspired







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