Believers are facing diverse challenges this year.  Many of us were assured that some of our traditional battles were over, yet the intensity of obstacles has caused us to question whether the Most-High is with us or even if we are Holy Spirit filled.  Let me assure you if you are displaying righteousness and living in obedience, yet facing extreme persecutions, backlash, or some form of retaliation from the fiery darts of hell, you are indeed walking in His divine purpose for your life.  Let me also submit to you … it is not your fight.  In Exodus 14:13-14, the Most High spoke through Moses and told Israel to “Stand still and see His salvation … that the Lord would fight for them.” Israel had been persecuted by the Egyptians for years and finally, God sent them a deliverer through Moses.  Moses assured the people that the Lord was on their side and surely He would bring them out of bondage and save them from the terrors of Pharoah.

We are no different than they are.

The Most High loves you and I and He will fight for us as well. Repeatedly throughout scripture, He affirms His character of being a protector, provider, deliverer, and healer. We are His children also and if we trust Him, He will come through. He will stop our enemies. He will fight for us. We can be certain that It is not our fight.  The battle belongs to Him.   In 2 Chronicles 20:15, His word declares that we should not be afraid of the multitude because the battle is His.  What a powerful realization.  He told the people not to be afraid of the many because He is greater than those who were against them.  And He tells us the same. We have no need to worry or fear our “enemies” or circumstances. We have extensive promises that He will save us from our troubles.

Psalm 46:10-11 comforts us and exhibits peace – the Lord is with us and He says to us, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Therefore beloved be encouraged. Trust Him and know that He has your back. He promised to never leave us and He promised to fight for us, so we have nothing to fear or be anxious about.  It is not your fight … It is not my fight … It’s His.


Angel B.


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