Identify Your Purpose, Work Your Purpose

Sharing From Our Thankful Thursday Facebook Live.

Today on our Facebook Live video we shared some important tips on identifying your purpose.  We want to take this moment to share these tips with you as well. Many people have difficulty determining what they are supposed to be doing with their lives and face challenges on choosing the right careers or developing their business ideas because they are stuck or hindered by their own fears or doubts. Be encouraged! You can accomplish whatever you decide to do but first you must discover where you are what you should really focus your energy and time into.

Ask yourself the following questions and ponder the following information:

  • Is what you are doing right now working for you?  If not then you need to change directions as soon as possible – the sooner you make positive changes the sooner you will see the results you desire.
  • Is what you are doing making you miserable?  If so why are you still doing it?

Many people are self-sabotaging because they cannot get past what someone did to them or they are still dwelling on historical hurts and trauma.  Here’s a key point – you may never get over what happened to you but you cheat yourself and others when you stay hindered by your own pain because someone needs the gifts you offer. Getting through the pain will help you get to a place of functional healing.

Finding Your Purpose & Working Your Purpose:

1. Find your niche – Just because you are good at something, it does not mean you are supposed to do it or that it is your niche.

2. Ask yourself if what you want to do is something you would do for free? Most likely your purpose is rooted in that thing you enjoy doing so much that you would do it even if you were not getting paid. But make no mistake you deserve to paid for your gifts and assignments.

3. It must cost you more than money – your purpose requires your energy, time, expertise and financial investment.  It may even cost you your luxuries.

4. Ask yourself how bad do you want it? Obedience is better than sacrifice.

5. Success usually doesn’t happen overnight but it can. Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t. Keep pushing. If you reach at least one person and touch their lives, if you cause them to change for better then it’s worth it and that is a measure of success.

6.  Take a pause or take 50 steps back before making an extremely low emotion or extremely high emotion decision.  Feelings change.

7. Implement.

Your purpose doesn’t negate your past but it focuses on your future. So set your mentality and eyes on where you are going. Press the play button for your faith and activate it for success.  Your divine purpose is our passion.

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To your success,

Angel B.

Don’t Give Up

Yesterday I did a Facebook LIVE video to encourage, inspire and uplift those who feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. Be encouraged as you read these tips and be sure to join us on the fan page for continued inspirational messages, business and life tips, shouts outs to the community and more. Be blessed!

Now of course I know life and business are scary things, especially when building seems uncertain. You may find yourself in a similar circumstance that I found myself, unsure of which direction to take. I felt unfulfilled and unworthy many days but resilience is my middle name. So I want to share with you what I shared with my FB Live community. These tips, if implemented will help you rediscover your purpose and hopefully help you reignite your passion. You owe it to yourself and others to keep pushing forward.

  1. Pray daily. Have faith. Trust God
  2. Be consistent always
  3. Find a reason to complete your tasks – something that outweighs all excuses
  4. Giving up should be removed from your vocabulary
  5. Don’t be afraid to fail or make a mistake
  6. Don’t allow people’s negative views to affect your growth
  7. Keep going
This is your time! This is your season! It’s not just a pretty saying. Time is speeding up and I want to help those who know they don’t have anymore time to waste or lose. Let’s Go!
Be encouraged. Your Divine Purpose Is My Passion …