Greetings Beloved!!!!

For many the New Year has brought numerous blessings; however, for many others it has brought on a new set of challenges or obstacles from the previous year.  So how does one handle these challenges and obstacles? How does one overcome what I refer to as the New Year Blues? I believe the best way to handle them or overcome them is by implementing the following tips or strategies:

  • Surround yourself with positive, action-oriented individuals
  • Join support groups (especially if the challenge you face is an addiction or health issue)
  • Find a hobby or organization in which to volunteer time and talents
  • READ positive material
  • Implement new ideas and new ways of thinking about your circumstance
  • Activate your FAITH
  • If active on social media, join groups which will allow you to grow and learn new skills
  • Take a class which will challenge you to think differently
  • Speak positively about yourself and others
  • Dance Dance Dance (dancing is great exercise and fosters a good mental attitude)
  • Live Live Live (Focus on doing things which bring peace and enjoyment)
  • Laugh Laugh Laugh (Laughing makes you happy and causes you to feel better)
  • Love Love Love (Showing love to others makes you feel better about yourself)
  • Start a new business or tap into your gifts and abilities to create an additional income stream

These are just some things you can do to help overcome the New Year Blues.  These are also a few things that work for me when I get down but what also helps is listening to positive or inspirational music and motivational messages, reading scripture, spending time with close friends or family, doing simple tasks for other people, and spending time alone to refresh.

You have a purpose and that purpose is needed by others. Build your life by helping to build someone else’s. Overcome the blues by doing something that will make an impact within your community or the world. Don’t allow the difficult moments to defeat you but rather use the pain to drive you into your purpose. Until next time, pursue your passion with exuberant faith.

Many blessings,

Angel B.


  1. Amen. I will implement many of these suggestions into my life. Looking forward to the New me without the baggage.
    God bless you my sister.


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