Are You a Conduit or a Reservoir?

Years ago, one of my pastors taught a very powerful lesson on being a conduit or a reservoir.  This teaching has been a significant part of my faith walk for the last decade.  My eyes were opened to the true meaning of being used as a servant by God, for His express glory.  For the purpose of this teaching allow me to provide the definitions of these terms.  A conduit is defined as being a channel for conveying water or other fluid.  In other words, it is a conductor or vessel in which water flows through.  A reservoir is defined as being a place where fluid collects, especially in rock strata or in the body.  Now just reviewing the definitions of these terms makes me want to praise and worship Abba Father because if something is ‘fluid’ that means that it continuously flows or supplies to something or someone else.  I do not know about you but I would much rather be a conduit, allowing the Holy Spirit to operate through me to be a blessing to others as well as allowing my resources, gifts, talents and abilities to be used to build God’s Kingdom.  If we do not freely give of our gifts, talents and abilities then we become stagnant or unfruitful. It is the Father’s will that we use what He gave us to be a blessing to others thus creating more resources for ourselves.  He considers those who do not freely give to be wicked servants as described in the book of Matthew (parable of talents, Matthew 25).

My daily prayer is “Father, please help me to be a vessel and a conduit. Flow through me Holy Spirit so that I can impact and bless the lives of others for Your Glory.”  Are you a conduit or a reservoir?  Does His spirit flow through you or do you just keep everything He gives you to yourself?

As 2015 approaches, let us be vessels and servants to help others, to build and edify the Kingdom by building and edifying people.  May we show unconditional love based on the Word of God and not our imposed or superficial ideals.  May we truly embrace His love for us and freely give that love to others by demonstrating our gifts, talents and abilities to help individuals realize their God given purpose and potential.  Together we can do it.


Angel B.


Each day we have an opportunity to share with others; show kindness and gratitude to those who are or have been a blessing to us.  This week I have been so blessed to connect with awesome women and men from around the world and also in my local community.  It is a breath of fresh air to meet like minded individuals who are in agreement with your goals, dreams and visions but who also are grateful for the opportunity to share with and encourage one another.  As this year comes to a close, I daily seek opportunities to share with people about the blessings I have been afforded, the love of God and expressing gratitude to those who have been a gift in my life.

It is amazing to meet so many wonderful people who do phenomenal things for the Kingdom, believers, the marketplace and the world.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many who love God, love people and love serving.  I challenge you to reach out and show gratitude for the blessings God has provided. He is worthy of all praise and honor.

Morning Manna

Often times, as I work on client projects and other endeavors in the early morning hours, I listen to worship music via my radio stations on The Praise Network. This morning I have heard some awesome songs and most of these artists I have never met personally but I feel as if the presence of God is singing through them right to my spirit. This is my morning manna because as I listen to these songs I enter into a place of worship and serenity with the presence of my heavenly Father.  This time with Him, even as I work is so important for my day. It provides clarity, direction and comfort knowing He is with me and communing with me even as I work.  Listening to these beautiful songs, I hear His voice and His word speaking directly to me allowing me to understand and know that He is ever present, all powerful and all knowing.  That He is loving and He is my provider. I encourage you to find your “Morning Manna.” Find that time or that activity where you best feel His presence and hear His still small voice.  This time with Him builds and strengthens your relationship with Him.  He will never leave or forsake us, He cares about the things we go through. He desires to be close to us and longs for us to be close to Him. He is our friend and comforter, our guide, protector and provider.  There is no one greater.  Morning Manna is my time to reflect on all the wonderful things He has done. To reflect on His healing, His deliverance and His provision.  It is during this time that His presence overwhelms me and engulfs me and I truly feel His complete love.  His love is truly perfect and there is nothing like in the world.  May you find peace and comfort in His loving presence and may you find your “Morning Manna.”

Reflections: Psalm 42