My Journey to Wholeness: Loving the Real Me

Tonight I had the opportunity and honor of speaking on a global platform hosted by Dr. Renee Sunday of the Good Deeds Radio Show and Thrive in 365 Health and Wellness Telesummit (  This dynamic event began Tuesday October 14 and featured some amazing speakers. To be included with them, having the opportunity to share my wholeness journey,  was absolutely amazing. My journey probably seemed similar to many but what makes my story unique is me.  As I began my topic, I expressed that I was not sharing from a place of pity or pain but rather one of empowerment and inspiration.  It is my desire that anyone I come in contact with have a better life by coming in contact with me. Not because I am so special but because the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose and enhance the lives of those you meet. As I shared tonight, I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2010 after experiencing a chaotic separation from my husband.  In addition my weight had been out of control and I suffered from other conditions as well.  The stress of the separation, internal turmoil, depression and other things caused my body to shut down and my soul to be in despair.

What I realized during these dark moments is that I had lost me and no longer loved myself.  So I want to share with you some valuable tid bits I gained through these experiences:

1. Pour into yourself daily

2. Eat right, get proper rest, drink excellent water

3. Leave toxic situations and relationships

4. Avoid negativity and bad stress levels

5. Find a good outlet – hobbies,  crafts, volunteerism etc

6. Listen to your body

7. Learn to love yourself from the inside out

8. Seek balance in all areas of life

9. Speak positive affirmations

These are just a few of my lessons. I share them because I believe when we are in alignment great things happen outwardly.  Our outside is a good reflection of the inside.  I now love me again and celebrate my life daily.

To your health, wholeness and complete wellness which equals success!

Angel B.

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